International Journal of Technology and Applied Engineering is an open-access and peer-reviewed academic journal. It is an initiative to reveal the door of innovative Engineering technologies through publishing the original manuscripts, review articles and technical write-up in the fields of Technology and Engineering to gains a foothold throughout the world. The main objective of this journal is to provide absolute information on current developments in the technological field. The attention will be on publishing quality articles by candidly available to analyzers.

The main objective is to drive and motivate the researchers and make them competent enough in order to integrate a broad-spectrum for the aid of Science and technology. The Journal is an open-access journal intended to the meeting-place for researchers akin to Technology. The paper acceptance criterion consists of present theoretical innovation and practical implementation in the related field. Unpublished papers, advanced reviews, and greatness of technical abilities will be appreciated. IJTAE is also open for expert and analyst in all fields of engineering and technology.


International Journal of Technology and Applied Engineering has been dedicated to Academicians, Researchers, Post graduate and PhD Scholars, and also persons from the Industry in the field of science and technology.

Peer Review Policy

All manuscripts submitted to International Journal of Technology and Applied Engineering should be initially accepted by the editor which will be followed by formal double peer review process conducted in collaboration with Editorial and Reviewer board members. This journal encourages the authors, editor, reviewers to use the electronic submission for transparent review process.

Publishing Standard

Submission to IJTAE passes through a double- peer-review process. The criteria for publication in IJTAE are as follows:

  1. The conclusion of dominant scholarly research.
  2. Results of analysis reported should not be published before.
  3. The researchers should maintain all code of research honestly and ethics.
  4. Data and other inquiry in respecting experiments should be standard.
  5. Conclusions should be supported by the data.
  6. Article always conferred in good English.

Editorial & Publishing Policies

The following editorial and publishing policies for the International Journal of Technology and Applied Engineering are

  1. Publication Charges.
  2. Submission of related manuscripts
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Publication Ethics

1. Publication Charges

IJTAE implies no charges to the authors.

2. Open-access agreement.

It is an open-access journal.

3. Submission of Related Manuscripts

While submitting an article, the concerned author must ensure that the articles must have not been submitted to any other journal or conference or any other publishing house for publication.

4. Confidentiality & Privacy Statement

Reviewers and editors are required to treat all submitted manuscripts in strict confidence. The names and email addresses entered in this journal database will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

5. Publication Ethics

All authors are considered to be alive of best practice in publication belief clearly with view to creation like control of figures, banal submission, piracy, battle activity and consent with action on analysis ethics.

The following editorial and publishing policies for the International Journal of Technology and Applied Engineering are

  • When an author finds a significant inaccuracy or erroneousness in his/her own published manuscript, it is the author's sole responsibility to promptly report the Journal editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or modify the paper.
  • If the authors have utilized the work-done and/or the specific words of other researchers, the authors must acknowledge the work-done and/or specific words which must be appropriately quoted or cited.

Peer Review Process